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Oct 31, 2023


Welcome to Capital Shield Insurance Brokers, the leading insurance brokerage firm located at 606 Alghaith Tower on Hamdan Bin Mohammed Street, Zone 1E3-02, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. With our extensive experience and expertise, we provide a wide range of insurance solutions tailored to protect your assets and mitigate risks. Whether you are an individual or a business, we are here to ensure that you have the right coverage to safeguard your future.

Shipping Centers

At Capital Shield Insurance Brokers, we understand the importance of reliable shipping services for businesses. That's why we offer comprehensive solutions through our shipping centers. Our team of professionals works diligently to ensure that your shipments are handled efficiently and delivered on time.

International Shipping

When it comes to international shipping, we have established strong partnerships with renowned carriers and logistics providers. This enables us to offer competitive rates and guarantee timely delivery to any destination around the globe. Whether you need to transport goods by air, sea, or land, we have the expertise to handle all types of shipments.

Domestic Shipping

For local businesses in Abu Dhabi, our domestic shipping services are designed to meet your specific needs. From small packages to bulk shipments, we ensure that your goods are transported securely and efficiently within the UAE. Our dedicated team tracks every step of the shipping process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for our clients.

Mailbox Centers

In addition to our shipping services, we also provide mailbox centers that offer convenient and secure solutions for individuals and businesses.

Personal Mailboxes

Our personal mailbox service provides a physical address for individuals who want to enhance their privacy and security. With our mailbox rental, you can receive mail and packages from any carrier, ensuring that your personal information remains confidential. We offer flexible rental plans and convenient access to your mailbox.

Business Mailboxes

For businesses in Abu Dhabi, our business mailbox service is a cost-effective solution for managing your incoming mail. With a dedicated mailbox, you can separate your business correspondence from personal mail, establish a professional image, and easily manage your mail and packages. Our secure facilities ensure that your important documents and parcels are handled with utmost care.

Why Choose Capital Shield Insurance Brokers?

Choosing the right insurance partner is crucial in today's complex world. At Capital Shield Insurance Brokers, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service and delivering tailor-made solutions for our clients.

Expertise and Experience

With years of industry experience, our team of insurance experts possesses in-depth knowledge of the market and the latest industry trends. We stay updated with the evolving business landscape to offer innovative insurance products that meet your specific requirements.

Comprehensive Coverage

Capital Shield Insurance Brokers understands that every individual and business has unique needs. We offer a wide range of insurance options, including property insurance, liability insurance, vehicle insurance, marine insurance, and more. Our comprehensive coverage ensures that you are protected against potential risks.

Personalized Service

We believe in building strong relationships with our clients. Our dedicated team goes above and beyond to understand your needs and provide personalized advice and solutions. We strive to be your trusted insurance advisor, guiding you through the process and ensuring that you make informed decisions.

Competitive Advantage

By choosing Capital Shield Insurance Brokers, you gain a competitive advantage in the market. Our thorough risk assessment, combined with our wide network of insurance partners, allows us to negotiate favorable terms and competitive premiums on your behalf. We aim to provide you with the best possible coverage at the most cost-effective rates.

Contact Us

Ready to protect your assets and secure your future? Visit our website for more information or contact us directly:

  • Address: 606 Alghaith Tower, Hamdan Bin Mohammed St, Zone 1E3-02, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • Phone: +971 XXX XXXX
  • Email: [email protected]

Don't leave your insurance needs to chance. Trust Capital Shield Insurance Brokers to provide you with top-notch insurance solutions that give you peace of mind and protect what matters most to you.

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Kevin Dekyi
Great services offered! 👍 I recently got my car insured with Capital Shield Insurance Brokers and the experience was excellent. Their staff was knowledgeable and guided me through the whole process. They offered me a comprehensive coverage plan that suited my needs perfectly. Highly recommend them for all your insurance requirements! 😊
Nov 10, 2023
Gabrielle Peters
Great services offered!
Nov 7, 2023