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Jan 29, 2024

Exploring Wellington Bomber Crash Sites

Are you a history enthusiast? Do you have an interest in the stories of World War II? If so, then you're in for a treat! The Welsh Marches region is home to several Wellington bomber crash sites that offer a unique insight into the past. Join us as we delve into the history and significance of these remarkable landmarks.

What are Wellington Bombers?

Wellington bombers were a type of medium bomber aircraft used by the Royal Air Force (RAF) during World War II. They played a crucial role in various military operations and bombing campaigns. With their distinctive twin-engine setup and geodetic airframe, Wellingtons were known for their reliability and versatility.

Discovering the Crash Sites

Exploring the Wellington bomber crash sites allows you to connect with history and pay tribute to the brave individuals who fought during the war. Here are some crash sites worth visiting in the Welsh Marches:

1. The Longacre Crash Site - Shropshire

Located near the village of Longacre in Shropshire, this crash site is one of the most well-preserved in the region. On a fateful night in 1943, a Wellington bomber en route to a mission encountered mechanical issues, leading to a forced landing. Exploring the site today, you can still see the remains of the aircraft and gain insight into the challenges faced by RAF crews during the war.

2. The Blackthorn Crash Site - Powys

In the picturesque countryside of Powys lies the Blackthorn crash site. In 1942, a Wellington bomber crashed here during a training exercise. Despite the tragedy, the site serves as a reminder of the determination and sacrifice exhibited by the men and women serving in the RAF. Take a walk around the site, absorb its serene surroundings, and reflect on the historical significance it holds.

Planning Your Visit

If you're eager to explore these crash sites, it's important to plan your visit accordingly. Here are some essential details to consider:

1. Dress Appropriately

As some of the crash sites are located in remote areas, it's advisable to wear comfortable clothing and sturdy footwear. Some sites may require a short hike, so be prepared for varied terrain.

2. Research in Advance

Prior to your visit, make sure to research the crash sites to familiarize yourself with their history. This will enhance your experience and enable you to appreciate the significance of each location.

3. Respect the Memorials

While exploring the sites, it's essential to treat them with respect. Remember that these areas are not only historical landmarks but also serve as memorials to those who lost their lives. Please refrain from removing any artifacts or disturbing the surroundings.


The Wellington bomber crash sites in the Welsh Marches region provide a remarkable opportunity to learn about the experiences of the brave men and women who fought during World War II. By visiting these historical landmarks, you can gain a deeper understanding of the sacrifices made during this tumultuous period in history. Plan your visit today and embark on a journey filled with history and remembrance.